Pop Goes The Weasel

When I was just a little boy I seldom was alone My life was full of fun and joy While watching the Twilight Zone There was a certain episode About a monster and a rummy A telikenetic six-year old That was played by young Bill Mumy Bill Mumy was just six years old With a […]

What Exactly is A Red-Light District, Anyway?

Here is an excerpt of a conversation I recently heard at the school I am attending: “Do you know where the swimming pool is?” “Just follow the group of towel-people over there.” Did you know that California will soon allow terminally ill patients to end their lives legally?  There are many criteria to meet in […]

Two Moments That Changed The Course Of History

Two Moments That Changed the Course of History: October 15, 1919:  Jimmy Hoffa organizes a strike with his kindergarten classmates.  Lower milk prices and longer snack breaks are but two of their demands. The School capitulates after eight long days.  The rest is history. September 23, 1926:  Future U.S. President Lyndon Johnson wins his Senior Class President election by giving the school […]

I am Alive and Well

I will have to make this quick.  I was right, I did offend certain religious groups with my idea for a Bouncy House Sweat Lodge.  On the night of June 17th I went to sleep in my bed and woke up four hours later with my hands and feet tied, laying face down in the […]

Do Not Read This!

I thought I told you not to read this. Did you know that Bob Dylan and David Bowie are releasing a new album?  It is called “The Times They Are a Cha-Cha-Changing.” They are also considering the title “Mr. Tambourine Man From Mars.” Last week I saw the film “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”  […]