Breathe Deep…..

This morning there was a story online that talked about millions of dollars missing from a crypto fund. Perhaps someone accidently clicked on the “Clear Cash” button. If so, they are going to need some quality meditation time. With that in mind, here is today’s song which is titled Meditation, written by Louis Victor Saar. His birthday is this Saturday. And once again, I did not know that fact until after I transcribed his music just this morning. Listen to them with headphones on for best results.
It may cause skin rash and headaches…….

And here is song number seven from the songbook “Original Piano Duets by American Composers.” It was written by Igor Stravinsky, and is titled simply Polka.

One of the very first songs posted here was written by Claude DeBussy, and is titled “The Girl with the Flaxen Hair .”

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