The Week of Classics Continues

This will be the third Tchaikovsky song I have worked on this week. They just keep getting better and better if you ask me. Am I right? Come on, back me up. I present to you Romeo and Juliet. It is exactly 120 beats per minute which works out to two beats per second. If…

It’s Tchaikovsky All Week

Get your red-hot Tchaikovsky mp3s, right over here. We got Sugar Plum Fairies, we got Dancing Reed Flutes. Supplies are limited.

Bird Music

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself in a cozy house on a cliff overlooking the Sea. As the sun starts to set, you sit down at the piano and begin to play. Birds start to show up and soon they are singing along.

More Swan Lake

I hope you have all enjoyed learning about Repitition in Music. I know I have. The sheet music is below if you would like to play along.

A Major Development

Tchaikovsky would have been happy to see his work being changed, don’t you think?

Repitition in Music

This is a perfect example of repitition. The melody is repeated in the bass line, and vice versa. This is just a small part from Swan Lake, but it is one of my favorite parts. I transcribed the music and then repeated it in different keys with different instruments for this song. (Warning: Once you…