Number 77

Ludwig Van Beethoven’s “Turkish March” is number 77 on the countdown of 100 Classical Songs. It is the eighth and final song by Ludwig Van Beethoven in the list. Can you believe we are 77 percent done with the list? I can’t believe it either.

Bells Version
Tame Version
Wild Version

And just for fun, I changed the entire song into the key of C Major (all white keys) and went through every mode. I wonder what Ludwig would think?

The Turkish March (Marcia alla turca) is a well-known classical march theme by Ludwig van Beethoven. It was written in the Turkish style popular in music of the time. The theme was written by Beethoven for the Six variations, Op. 76, of 1809. And later in 1811 Beethoven wrote incidental music to a play by August von Kotzebue called The Ruins of Athens (Op. 113), which premiered in Budapest, Hungary in 1812 which included the Turkish March.

The march is in B-flat major, tempo vivace and 2/4 time. Its dynamic scheme is highly suggestive of a procession passing by, starting out pianissimo, poco a poco rising to a fortissimo climax and then receding back to pianissimo by the coda. Unlike much of Beethoven’s other orchestral music, the woodwinds are the dominant voice rather than the strings.

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