Renaissance Music

The time of the Renaissance on Planet Earth was from 1400-1600. Music by Renaissance Composers will appear here after they are transcribed and given a loving embrace before going out into the world.

Orlando Di Lasso

Hot of the Press:

My favorite is “Music is God’s Gift:”

Resonet in Laudibus – “Let the Voice of Praise Resound:”

See Man:

Al dolce suon del mormorar de l’onde “To the Sweet Sound of The Murmuring of the Waves:”

Videntes stellam mag “When They Saw The Star:”

Tristis est anima mea “Sad is My Soul:”

In me Transierunt Irae Tuae “My Pain is Ever With Me”:

Ut Queant Laxix:

Giovanni Donna “Young Woman”

A Voi Guglielmo Invitto “To You William Unconquered”:

Illumina Oculos Meos “Enlighten my eyes lest I sleep in Death”:

Matona Mia Cara “My Lady, Pretty Madam”:

Bonjour Et Puos Quelles Nouvelles “Hello and What News”:

Ardent Amour Souvent Me Fait Instance “Ardent love often makes me feel like”:

Je l-aime bien et l’aimerai “I like it and will love it”:

Le Nuict Froide et Sombre “The Cold and Dark at Night”:

O la o che bon eccho “The Echo Song”:

Jubilate Deo “Shout to God”:

Mon Coeur se Recommande a Vous “My Heart Recommends You”:

Surrexit Pastor Bonus “The Pastor Has Risen”:

Tre Volte Haveva “Three Times Haveva”:

Miserere Mei Domine “In You, Lord”:

Susanne un Jour “Susan One Day”:

Adoramus Te Christe “We Adore Thee Christ”:

Il Magnanimo Pietro “The Magnanimous Peter”:

Il Cor Meum “My Heart”:

Prophetiae Sibyllarum “Sibylline Prophecies”:

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

Sicut Cervus “As The Deer Desires”:

Missa Papae Marcelli (Pope Marcellus Mass):

Ricercar del Prima Tuono (Search for the First Thunder):

With Tabla
No Tabla

Illumina Oculos Meos “Enlighten my eyes lest I sleep in Death”:

Hodie Christus “Christ is Risen:”

No Percussion
With Percussion
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