Four More For The Road

The Countdown of Bach Chorales continues. You probably have noticed that the final chord is major, instead of minor, in most of these songs. When that happens it is called a “Picardy Third” because the third note on the final chord is raised a half step. For more on that:

So That’s What Adagio Means

Every day I learn something new. (Did you notice how I made this all about me in the very first sentence?) According to Webster’s Dictionary, Adagio means “at a slow tempo â€”used chiefly as a direction in music.” Today’s song is number 59 on the big countdown of 100 Classical Masterpieces, and is entitled Adagio inContinue reading “So That’s What Adagio Means”

A Trill A Minute

Today’s entry is song #35 from the Big Book of Classical Music. It is used as the theme song to PBS Masterpiece Theater. The composer is Jean-Joseph Mouret (1682-1738), and it is entitled “Rondeau. According to Wikipedia, Mouret’s father was a prosperous silk merchant of Avignon, an amateur violinist who recognized his son’s precocious musicalContinue reading “A Trill A Minute”