Only Five Songs Left

Here are two more Bach Chorales for you. These are numbers 91 and 92 from the songbook 101 Chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach.
I hope they bring you some peace. We could use a whole lot of that right about now.

Number 91The Old Year Now Hath Passed Away:

Number 92 – Sink Not Yet My Soul to Slumber:

And here is the bass line from chorale number 91. Play that Funky Music. (You know the rest).

All of the finished chorales can be found here:

Two Items of Note on the Agenda

Here are two more Bach Chorales – Numbers 86 and 87.

Number 86 is in 4/4 time and starts in the key of C Major, which has no flats or sharps.

Number 87 is in 3/4 time and starts in the key of B-Flat, which has two flats. (I won’t say it.)

Chorale Number 86:

Chorale Number 87:

Another Hit

Here is Chorale Number 85 from the book 101 Chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach. That means there are just a few songs left. And I have a feeling every one of them is going to have a harpsichord.

Harpsichord and Guitars
Harpsichord and More Guitars

While you are listening to these songs, see if you can see the hidden images in these “Magic Eye” pictures:

The solutions to these can be found here:

Number 84

Continuing along in the songbook 101 Chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach, here is number 84. It was really quite a task getting all of these musicians in the same room at the same time.

Harpsichord and Guitar

Here is number 56, a “rockin’ chorale.” I have had this one stuck in my head for days now!

Number 82 Is In The Books

Here is song number 82 from the book of 101 Chorales by Bach. If you are using a smartphone be sure to be in Desktop Mode so that you can use the music player on the right side of the page.

Gospel Organ
Gospel Organ and Guitar

And here is Chorale Number 83:

Four More In The Books

Here are four chorales by Bach
In the music world, he is “The Rock”
The songs sound similar, this is true
But they’re sure to lift you if you’re blue

Number 73 – Oh, How Blessed are Ye Whose Toils Are Ended:

Number 74 – O God, Thou Faithful God:

Number 76 – All Praise to Jesus’ Hallowed Name:

Number 77 – In Thee, Lord, Have I Put My Trust:

These songs can be found, along with all of the other Bach Chorales, here:

Our Gift to You

Here are three more Chorales by Bach. I hope you enjoy them. They are chorale numbers 70, 71, and 72 from the songbook “101 Chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach.”

If you are using a smartphone to view this page, go to Desktop Mode in Chrome Settings (the three dots in the upper right corner) to use the music player. Then the songs can be played one after the other without needing to click the play button after every song.

Number 72 – Come Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire:

Number 71 – Blessed Jesus at Thy Word:

Number 70 – Beside Thy Manger Here I Stand

And here is something sure to brighten your day:

Number 14

Here is the 14th song I have posted by Orlando Di Lasso. You may see his name spelled differently online, or in a book (they do still exist, I am told). Sometimes it is spelled De Lassus. But I am going with Di Lasso.

This song is called Tre Volte Haveva. The online translator tells me that it means Three Times Haveva. But I can’t seem to find out what a Haveva is. Whatever it is, there are three of them.

name that tune

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Today’s song by Orlando Di Lasso is titled Surrexit Pastor Bonus, which means The Pastor Has Risen. This version has a speed of 100 beats per minute.

Slow and Steady Organ

And here is the exact same song, but it is 140 beats per minute and there are different instruments. (You know, like always.)

Fast Guitar

If you have a spare 45 minutes, you can read all about the composer here:

I could bring you a new song by him every day and I wouldn’t run out of music until late 2025. That is because he wrote more than 1,000 compositions ranging from religious Masses to secular songs. I personally find his music to have a healing property to it.

“I have a photogenic memory. I always look good in my own mind.”

And here is Bach Chorale Number 65, “Deck Thyself with Joy and Gladness.” Like many of these chorales, it starts in the key of F.

A Shout Out

Here are two versions of a song by Orlando Di Lasso, titled “Jubilate Deo.” The online translator tells me that is Latin for “Shout to God.”

I think I will also shout “Bring us Some Rain Soon!”

Update: As of January 8, 2023, the shoutout for rain has been answered. It has been raining off and on for the past five weeks in California. Before the rain, some reservoirs were close to being empty. Now they are filling up and some have risen over 30 feet. God answers prayers! But we need to live righteous lives in order to be heard.


Your Daily Dose

Here it is, fresh off the press.

Which one is Bach, and which ones are Orlando Di Lasso? (You should be an expert by now if you are a faithful reader.)

It’s the perfect music for parties and seances!

Answers: The first, second, and fourth songs are Orlando Di Lasso. It is titled “The Echo Song.” The third song is Bach Chorale Number 63. Just 38 to go…..

The Echo Song Lyrics

My word!
what a lovely echo!
let’s try it out.
Pleased to meet you!
Ha ha ha ha ha,
let’s all laugh!
Oh my fine companion?
What do you want?
I’d like you to sing
Why should I?
Why not?
Because I don’t want to.
Why don’t you want to?
Because I don’t feel like it!
Shut up I say!
You shut up,
you big fool!
Yes Sir!
Come now, no more!
Let’s go!
Goodbye good echo!
Goodbye good echo!
Peace be with you.
That’s enough,

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