Classic Poetry

Ludwig’s music is incredible
And Wolfgang’s never missed
Franz’s music is almost edible
Both of them, Schubert and Lizst

Peter Ilyad’s music is capricious
And hardly ever arbitrary
Johan Sebastian still can reach us
Just ask my cousin Larry

To tell the truth, I have three cousins
But not one is named Larry
They spend the summer in the Hamptons
And get to work by ferry

Somehow I’ve gotten a bit off track
I do that from time to time
But eventually I find my way back
And continue with my rhyme

Now I remember of what I spoke
I was talking about classical composers
I love them all, and that’s no joke
As long as they’re not a poser

Sometimes Ludwig is just too much
And Brahms gets hard to Handl
Felix Mendelssohn has just the touch
He’s great at night by candle

Hector Berlioz was very peppy
And so was Antonio Vivaldi
Verdi’s first name was Giuseppe
And Rachmaninoff was a baldy

But now it’s time for me to leave
It’s almost time for school
But I’ll be back, you best believe
You’ll find me by the pool

Here are four songs by Mozart.  Do you know their titles?

Author: The Write Stuff

Bio on Request

5 thoughts on “Classic Poetry”

  1. You are so clever and so funny
    You really should have lots of money!
    But genius as beauty is its own reward
    So carry on bro’ and don’t every get bored.

  2. All Saints are Sinners
    But not all sinners are saints
    Sinners are just winners who lost their W’s
    And picked up an S.

    -George Washington

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